New Classic Poems That You Should Totally Read (or at least skim)

I was in the mood for a contemporary poem that rhymes, and in my search I hit the mother lode. I found a PDF book called “New Classic Poems” edited by Neil Harding McAlister. It is a collection of poems that experiment with rhyming and form to create simplistic and charming poetry that, in my opinion at least, makes a person feel content. One of the most engaging and beautiful poems I read was “Journeys” by Angela Burns. The poem is about the narrator’s love of books and how they have made and expanded her own imagination. Burns shows this by writing the poem almost as if it were a children’s book, with fantastical imagery that shows not only how great books can be, but the emotional depth and journeys that they take people on. It is a poem of discovery that we have all been through and, most importantly, it rhymes. I highly suggest just skimming through this book and maybe post which poems you liked the most and why? My personal favorites are “Journeys” by Angela Burns, “Game Bird” by Rick Ellis, and “When the Sun Turns to Glass” by Sally Ann Roberts.

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