Gregerson’s “Sweet” Reading

Linda Gregerson’s poem “Sweet” was a rather confusing poem to both comprehend and read. I found an excellent reading of this poem done by Linda herself at Penn State University. It was read with fluctuations in the tone of her voice and strong emotion throughout. My group was assigned to analyze this poem during class on Wednesday and we began by finding the turns within the poem. During this poetry reading, I heard Linda’s voice change at each turn we identified. I particularly noticed her voice increase in strength and power at the turn between her mother talking in the beginning and the man from a different country began to speak. Her mother seemed to have a very niave outlook on America and the world in general, manifested in her statement “We cannot continue to live in a world where we have so much and other people have so little.” Her statement sounds noble, but the point the man from the other country is trying to make is that we haven’t done anything to change it. However, towards the end of the poem Linda seems to conclude that if we (the US) and other countries don’t work together to mend this gap in wealth, nothing will be changed. This gap cannot be blamed just on the US, for the terrorist attack on 9/11 didn’t help change anything either. So how can one country be blamed?

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