What I Got From Austin

The interview with Austin Smith was quiet the experience. It was really interesting to hear his answers to our questions and see how he thinks and what some of his thoughts were. Before this year I had the notion that poets were all wise sages that ┬áhave spent their lives reading books and thinking deep thoughts about life or teenagers expressing their angst . Now actually meeting several poets and having a few as my teaches I can say this notion has been deconstructed. Poets come in all forms and are actually relatable. The next thing I got out of Austin’s visit is that success in life comes from following your passion. He simply wrote and wrote because he loved to write and it has made him happy. He mite not be world famous or a millionaire, but he doesn’t need to be. I have a desire to be a writer but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to come up with any good ideas or be smart enough to articulate my writings in a meaningful manner. Hearing him talk has laid these fears to rest as he is not exceptionally smart and the inspiration he gets simply comes from him doing what he loves and thinking about the world. I just need to find my passion and follow it. Then the world will fit itself into place for me. Do any of you also relate to this?

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  1. I, too, agree with you about finding your passion and going from there for your writing. I think that’s what makes Austin Smith so fantastic! He writes so deeply on something he’s so absolutely captivated by; therefore, you can, without a doubt, see and feel his passion in his poems. I’m super intrigued to see what his fiction will be like! Clearly, he has a passion about the family farm and I think that’s the key to amazing poetry (or any writing, really) — to write about what you adore and not worry about pleasing others.

  2. thequill says:

    I love that you find the writing life more within reach after meeting an actual poet, Evan–that’s HUGE…VASTLY important. Perhaps one of the most important features of a writer that I take from Austin is that a writer writes…Austin was always carrying around that notebook. Perhaps this is an important practice to take up, if you don’t already–

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