A Question That Lingers

It was a true privilege to be able to meet Austin Smith in person, he’s honesty and grounding is noteworthy, and his work is unbelievably beautiful.  There is one point I’d like to unravel from the interview we held with him in class, and that was when he shared his newly written poem about the Sycamore tree. In the poem he questioned what made the tree turn white, mentioning a boy that used to climb it’s branches, and the owl too reappeared in this poem.  I couldn’t scratch the notion that the boy in this poem was an alliteration to “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, as if the tree has ripped bare of its bark that once shielded its youth. But why the owl? The owl which also appeared in the Almanac in his poem about the pit, and the girl that said no. It is possible that this owl is another feministic aspect, but this poem did not relate to his farm. The tree was unattached to the imagery of his pretend sister.

I wished that I had asked about this owl,  and its mysterious appearance. I wonder what he would have said, maybe he himself does not know the power that owl has.

Unfortunately it will have to be a question that goes unanswered.

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2 Responses to A Question That Lingers

  1. thequill says:

    We can ask Austin! I mean: I have his email…! Should we see what we can find out? (Btw: I’d love to hear more about your ideas about all of this Maddie– In fact, I think could be really cool to do an analysis of the sycamore poem, one that considers The Giving Tree a central allusion…)

  2. Madeline Cahill says:

    Haha, we could ask Austin, though I am not sure even he would know why he made this allusion. I’d love to do analysis of this poem, would this be an accceptable option for my second project?

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