Larry Levis

I went to Austin’s talk on metaphor and found it very interesting and enlightening. He talked about being creative and free with metaphor and about metaphor being used not just to describe the way a subject looks, but instead the feeling the subject evokes. Since Larry Levis was mentioned many times in our interactions with Austin, including the metaphor talk, I wanted to check out some of his poems. I found this one called “Family Romance” that is really intriguing and I really enjoyed it. It relates to Austin because it talks about siblings and childhood. One use of metaphor in it that I thought was really cool is in these lines:

“And finally agreed that altruism,
Whose long vowel sounded like the pigeons,
Roosting stupidly & about to be shot
In the barn, was impossible
If one was born a Catholic.”
Comparing the sound of the word to pigeons was clearly not about showing what it looks like since it is non physical, but instead evokes a feeling, as Austin said. Overall I would definitely recommend reading this poem:
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  1. Brian Morefield says:

    This was an interesting post. I also found Smith’s talk about metaphors insightful and useful for my future writing. From the poem you posted, it is clear why Larry Levis was such an influence on Austin Smith’s writing. The metaphors Levis uses is definitely something I could see Smith doing.

  2. thequill says:

    AWESOME metaphor there–wowza! Nice find, Kristina!

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