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Here is the link to an interview with Sharon Olds, and the first question immediately caught my eye:

Michael Laskey asks Olds “What is your earliest poetry memory?” Olds recalls a time in Elementary school when she was asked to write a poem. Its quite a funny story that she tells, actually.

I think that Austin Smith’s response to this question would be very intriguing. His father being a poet, Smith was likely exposed to poetry at a very early age. What does he remember about that though? Does he remember his father’s poetry or his own? I would be curious to hear his answer if we were to ask him this same question.

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  1. Margaret Kennelly says:

    I think a question about the origin of Smith’s poetry could be very intriguing. The idea that his poetic life could have stemmed from his father’s influence is also an interesting idea. After all, Smith does reference his father in a lot of his poems within “Almanac” so I would like to see how much influence Smith believes his father had on his poetry.

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