Interviewing Austin Smith

Stephen Dunn Interview

While reading an interview between John Amen & Stephen Dunn, I grew curious about the editing process Smith uses for his poetry. Not that all poetry isn’t difficult to edit, but there seems to be a certain level of closeness/intimacy in Smith’s work, which I think would be hard to edit yourself but may also be difficult to have someone else’s input added because of how well you know the subject. A men’s question: “What do you look for in a first draft? What kind of experience are you seeking, and what ends up determining for you that it’s been a successful first draft, that you have something that you can definitely work with?” mad a me curious what constitutes a good didn’t draft (and final!) for Smith. He writes about such intimate, detailed experiences I’m sure it can be difficult (of maybe not?) to decide what is too much or what to take out or leave in.

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