Almanac by Austin Smith\Wallace Stegner Fellow

I was looking up information about Austin Smith and flipping through his poems when I noticed he is a “Wallace Stegner Fellow” in fiction at Stanford University. I had absolutely no clue what that was or if it was a job or a scholarship or how it worked, so, I’m unsure how many of you noticed that or knew what it was, but it caught my eye and made me curious!

Smith’s poems are really unique, and like many in the class, they are relatable because we’ve grown up here in the Midwest, and many of us have lived on farms or have been to them–therefore the poems are very relatable and vivid. Though the subject of farming is what I would normally shy away from, I really have enjoyed Smith’s style and how unique his poetry is compared to many things I’ve read over.

Here’s a link explaining more about the Wallace Stegner Fellow(ship) that is offered at Stanford.

The more I look into Smith’s work, I think it makes complete sense that he was awarded this opportunity due to his unique style. I think he really contributes something new and refreshing to contemporary poetry.

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  1. Emily Considine says:

    This is a pretty awesome award! I think he totally deserves it. Being a young poet he has plenty of time to perfect his craft and he seems like the type of poet who would take much advantage of this opportunity and really make sure he is at his best self. It also says something that such an awesome school has seen that he has potential to grow and that his work is creative enough to be awarded this prestigious award. I would like to maybe ask him a little more about this fellowship when he comes to talk to our class, thanks for sharing 🙂

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