Slam Poetry

After our class slam, I started to think about slam poetry more and what actually constitutes as slam. I never thought that a children’s poem could be considered a slam poem, but after seeing some of them performed, I felt like it is possible for most types of poems to be delivered in a way that they can be slam. Watching Sharon Olds perform her poems makes me think that there’s no way ┬áthat it could be slam poetry, but if the right person performed it and expressed more anger and hurt, a lot of her poems could actually be pretty good slam poetry. I think this is the case with mot poems, it just comes down to how it is performed.

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  1. I agree with your idea about it comes down how it’s\who it is performed with\by for non-slam poems. After watching several slam videos, when I’m reading poems I think of how it could be turned into a slam or how it would sound if it was performed. I don’t really think there are any concrete rules here!

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