Slam Poetry

I found this brief history and definition of slam poetry at

It talks about how recent of a birth slam poetry had and how it was more “well received among young poets and poets of diverse backgrounds as a democratizing force.” As we have noted in class, it also says that slam poetry often deals with political issues such as racial and gender inequalities. I was wondering why younger people would be so much more accepting of slam poetry other than the stereotype of adults resenting the youth just for being young and loud and unappreciative of their ancestors. But it occurred to me that it probably has something to do with change, not just with change in the way poetry is written and read, but also politically. There also seems to be a trend in society where the youth are typically more accepting of people and ideas that are different from more traditional, conservative ones, such as with racial and sexual acceptance. I’m wondering if since slam poetry touches on and often calls for acceptance in such areas of inequality that those traditional, conservative people don’t quite see or feel as wrong, they don’t like slam poetry just as they may not like the change it addresses. Any thoughts on this?

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