Poetic Individuality

When doing my project paper I understood that there were many different ways in which one could express how they interpret a poem. As a result, I expressed my interpretation of Sharon Olds “I Go Back to may 1937” musically and submitted it as my project. To get an idea as to how people went about musically interpreting poems I searched on Youtube for different versions of poems. Something that stood out to me was the fact that there were many different ways, other than musicality, in which one could go about interpreting a poem not just by reading it. Here is an example of pretty well done interpretation of a Gwen Hardwood poem called “Barn Owl.” Not only did I find many different ways to interpret poetry I came across the fact that some people are just better at expressing how they think about a poem through a different medium other than performance.

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  1. Madeline Cahill says:

    This expression of “Barn Owl” is really unique, and kinda awesome. I was curious, with all of the different forms of expression that can be done with a written poem, does the meaning of a poem ever change for you?

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