Does style intrigue increased attentiveness?

While going back over all of our assigned readings in preparation of the upcoming exam it appeared to me the numerous amount of styles that each poet exhibits. If you aren’t already aware a poem or poets style can be described as the way the author chooses words and arranges them in sentences, lines, or verses. Many poets stick to one particular style that they’ve mastered, however others experiment with many different unique styles. My question is whether the use of atypical or irregular styles can further intrigue a readers interest in the dialogue?

In my personal opinion, I am intrigued. When words appear on a page in a peculiar way my eyes are drawn to them tremendously. Just like other art forms, abstract works precisely, we ponder why the artist arranged his/her brushstrokes in the matter that they did. While simplicity can be beautiful, I believe that abstractions can be just as appealing. What does everyone else think? Do you prefer one as opposed to the other or accept them both for their separate beauties?

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  1. Brandon Straeb says:

    I would have to agree with you, Adam. Abstract poetry is just as good if not better than a concrete understanding of a poem. Being able to obtain your own personal stance on a poem is not only healthy but beneficial to developing your individuality in poetry, this individuality being used whether through performing poetry or making your own.

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