“Rigged Game”

I wanted to share the poem I had prepared for the slam this week. The poem is called “Rigged Game” and it’s by Dylan Garity. I think it’s a really good example of the drama and passion that slam poems need in order to deliver a strong message. Dylan is critiquing the bilingual education programs that are being used in classrooms all over the country. Without the raw emotion shown in this video, viewers would have a harder time connecting to what is being said. They are more likely to share the poet’s passion when the reading really gets them excited about the topic being discussed. Garity does a good job connecting with the audience on a more personal level as well because of his casual tone of voice used in several parts of the poem. It sounds as though he is talking to a friend when he tells the story of his sisters students, and that makes it a lot easier to relate to what he is saying.

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