Neil Hilborn, A College National Poetry Slam Champion

When we were given a few YouTube videos to watch of slam poets performing, I was most moved by Neil Hilborn’s performance because he was so into it. His facial expressions, voice, gestures, and so on just really struck me as did the poem “OCD”. I found a few other performances by Neil, but this one was interesting to me because it was so opposite of the “OCD” performance.  “Mating Habits of the North American Hipster” was so sarcastic and pompous sounding compared to the sweet to desperate sound\performance of “OCD”. The reason I’m pointing this out is because I think it’s really awesome that poems can be performed in such moving ways or such comical ways. Slam is very versatile, but also very in your face and very strong.

Also, I think if you took this slam poem by itself you could just have a stand up poem. Standing alone, the poem is witty and sarcastic in a way that reminds me of Collins, but once it’s performed then, of course, it becomes a slam. I think there is definite grey area between slams and stand up’s and that a lot of stand up poems I think could be performed very, very well.

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