Billy Collins: America’s Poet

I choose this particular title for my blog post because in a New York Times article, Bruce Weber dubbed Collins as the poet of America. Upon completing my project last week on Collins and his style of poetry, I began to contemplate why Collins would be coined with such a prestigious title. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was due to the techniques he used within each of his poems. Collins utilizes the skill of a strong, individual voice, something I feel conceptualizes the concept of America. Each poem written by Collins has a voice that is strong enough to keep the reader not only entertained and interested but also moved. The poem that truly made me believe this was Osso Bucco. Throughout the entire poem there is an incredibly strong voice, all the way to the final three stanzas.

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  1. Brandon Straeb says:

    As soon as I read my first Billy Collins poem I went online and looked up many of his different poems. After reading this post I realized that I also came to many of the same conclusions about how he tends to maintain a strong, individual voice throughout most of his poems. I also believe that the dubbing of Billy Collins as America’s poet is an appropriate title.

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