John Mayer and Different Forms of Poetry

I have always been compelled to examine the different aspects of poetry especially in music. Luckily, I happen to be a big fan of John Mayer so it was easy to look into his music and see how certain words affect the feel and emotion of the poem.

This song I chose specifically because he happens to be talking about a specific event that requires him to think about who the “real” people are in his life and others that are just “Vultures”, the name of the song. Personally, one thing that I think is very relevant with this type of music and especially John Mayer is that his music compels the listener to think about his or her own life and reflect. You are able to put yourself in his songs. He does this so well by not using specific names, just like poetry. There are plenty of occasions in Mr. Mayer’s music where I can relate and find a special connection to his musical poetry through the situations he describes.

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