inspired by, or evocative of, the night

“Three Nocturnes” by Stuart Dybek lured me in by his little couplets and dream-like imagery. Throughout the entire poem I was pleasantly captivated by how simple it appeared on the page and how enjoyable it was to picture these little moments, little snapshots of time or memories that the speaker was suggesting. It may be a long shot, but I wrote something for a class once that I think in some ways mirrors this idea (not that many poems don’t participate in the game of imagery), so I thought I would share it just because I drew that connection, but there are no hard feelings here. No one has to love my poem! The style, though, that Dybek has here is thoroughly enchanting and it speaks to me because of its simplistic look on the page yet it’s complex, sad, but beautiful imagery. I would; however, like to know more about who the “to John Woods”(1926-1995) character is that is mentioned on the top of page  102? Does anyone know? Perhaps a loved one? an inspiration? It’s really cool that nocturnes, which I had to look up, are musical pieces inspired by the night (some of you musicians are laughing, and that’s okay, ha!). I think it’s a really beautiful French word and I like that each of the sections of this poem are like emotions\images from separate nights. The first one seems to be someone coping with loneliness and reflecting, searching while the second grouping is something delicate, but also sensual, maybe about a lover, or perhaps just the reminiscing of such moments, then the third again seems to be about being along in darkness, with imagery that makes me think you would have to be somewhere still and quiet to pick up on such little details.

October 7, 2012

e·the·re·al adj. 1. Receiving a soft wave from my infant niece when I enter the home after a day including squeaky breaks, 40 out of 50, “we are out of soy” and other assorted goodness or galloping bare through my own back yard with my most bosom friend before she leaves for Finland before autumn begins directly after your graduation party, listening to air molecules. 2. [Heavenly] blissful, unreal, not-of-this-world see DELICATE. 3. Particularly new text books in September, \ particularly with you, \ particularly a room that could give frost bite for free with a million blankets, \ especially making eye contact with a cute stranger, \ never alone, \ always in book stores, cafes, and places of tenderness and old familiar faces, \ anywhere with vanilla, \ somewhere in the Midwest countryside, that red barn and that ebony equine with a white sock who was my first love, \ dancing in lace with the blinds open, \ new stationery that will be weathered from travel to Finland and Louisiana, \ chai that was 2% that is now soy because he adores me, \ blue eyes, \ when I remember my mother’s perfume before dinner with father, \ sushi, \ awaking with perfect make up from yesterday, \ liberation and sparkles, \ no air conditioning in Idaho: as in absolutely no air conditioning  at all, but an abundance of family and laughter, \ snow flakes in the early morning or late night that glitter endlessly while a fire swirls in my living room,\ reflections from heaven today, tomorrow, yesterday.

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