Cate Marvin (Andrea Kirby)

I was intrigued by our discussion today about what type of poet we thought someone was. We all read the same poems, yet came up with so many different words to describe the author. I was inspired by today’s discussion to find a new author and do the same after reading a few of their poems. I found the name Cate Marvin online another contemporary American poet, and decided to come up with a word or two to describe her as a poet.

After reading four of Marvin’s poems, I would use the word “conflicted” describe her writing. It seemed to me that her poems went back and forth, and I got the feeling she could not decide exactly how she felt. Words such as maybe, perhaps, and but seem to appear, portraying uncertainty. Her uncertainty, if there is any, does not downgrade the validity of the poems, it simply makes it unique to this poet.

Another word that came to mind was “sporadic”. Seems like an odd word, I know, but after reading different poems of Marvin’s in succession, that is how i viewed her style. Some of her poems had distinct identical 6 line stanzas, others alternated between 3 lines, and then four. Others of her poems are written in one giant block, no breaks at all. Of course poets do not have to write the same way every time, as that would get boring. Maybe it was just the sample that I read, but I got the sense that she takes different approaches to each poem.

I am no expert, by any means but I enjoyed forming my own opinion about this poet. I am curious as to what everyone else would have said had this been a poet we discussed in class. What other creative words would people have used to describe Cate Marvin?

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