Kim Addonizio’s Interview

This is an interview that Kim Addonizio took place in. I found her responses very intriguing and it really helped me when I was trying to figure out what kind of poet she was. Her responses to people thinking she is a confessional poet are priceless.


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  1. Sara Helm says:

    I found this interview with Sharon Olds to be very interesting. My favorite response of hers was “When I write, I’m making a poem, period. I don’t care what people think about how I portray them or myself (or rather “myself”), because it’s a construction. It’s a fiction, to me, as much as a novel or short story, and operates in exactly the same way; the underlying concerns are mine, but the drama of how they are enacted on the page may or may not directly correlate.” Although Olds is viewed as a confessional poet, she admitted later on in the interview that her poems are not all truth; her goal is to create a poem that makes sense “each part being necessary to the whole”. She may have experienced some of the poem personally but because this wholeness is her ultimate goal, her poetry combines aspects of both fiction and her private life.

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