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Company Culture: Something to Consider

company-cultureAlthough sometimes hard to think about, we spend a lot of time at the office. In fact, Americans spend over 2,000 hours a year at their jobs! For this reason, company culture is crucial to your sanity and happiness in the workplace. Know yourself and your preferences when it comes to work style. Do you like a casual environment or do you prefer more formal? Is teamwork your thing?

During the interview process you can begin decipher the work environment by paying close attention:

  • How are you treated while interviewing?
  • What phrases do the interviewers use frequently?
  • Is there a theme or unspoken tone to the questions asked?
  • How does the environment feel to you?
  • How prepared are the interviewers? Are they on time?
  • Were you given an interview schedule?
  • Were you treated like a prisoner or a guest?
  • Are your responses to questions treated with suspicion or professional curiosity?
  • How considerate is the company recruiter?

For more reading and information, check out Forbes and Monsters’ articles about company culture.





7 Things I Learned from Jim Halpert

It’s been a while since I’ve watched The Office. After Jim and Pam got married, I think my heart broke in half, and I was unable to continue watching, knowing that Jim would never be mine. But up until that point, I loved the show. When I started working in an office full-time, the summer before my sophomore year, the show started becoming a lot funnier to me. Understanding the dynamics of office interactions at an introductory level made the antics in every episode more interesting and, somehow, relatable. Of course, most offices (thankfully!) do not run like they do in The Office. But nevertheless, I did learn a couple of worthwhile lessons about the working world from observing Jim’s daily life.

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