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Titans, we represent a unique and vibrant generation known as Millennials or Generation Y. We are fastly becoming a huge priority to companies marketing to us, hiring us and retaining us. As the baby boomers retire, we will be the ones to fill their shoes!

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Branding Yourself


As of late, “brand” has become something of a buzzword. From corporations discussing their logos, event planners formulating their invitations, place cards and programs, and now, professionals. From this vantage point, professionals can consider their own value as an employee, and how to position themselves during their job search, and then in the workplace.

Check out the following articles to guide you as you create your personal brand!


Washington Semester Program

wsp-email-newsletter-headingThe Washington Semester Program at American University is Illinois Wesleyan’s premier off-campus opportunity in the nation’s capital.  Meet leading professionals in your field of study, and work in a professional internship that will open doors for your career.  You will do all of this while earning a full semester of IWU credits.

But don’t just take our word for it.  IWU junior Melissa Guzman is here for the spring term, taking part in the Journalism and New Media concentration. Here is what she has to say:MelissaGuzman

“We’ve been to some amazing places like the Supreme Court, the press galleries at the Capitol, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the National Press Club. My professors have introduced us to some of the city’s brightest journalists and members of the media community.

 I am interning at Running Start, a nonprofit nonpartisan organization that works to encourage and train young women to run for office. Running Start has allowed me to explore different areas of nonprofit work.  I’ve been doing some research for them, writing for their website, preparing press releases, handling their social media accounts, and meeting some great women leaders in office and in their communities! My internship makes me feel like I am making a difference in the lives of young women interested in politics, and it’s extremely gratifying.

I would highly recommend American University’s Washington Semester program to anyone interested in learning more about politics and government. The internship opportunities available in Washington, D.C. are incredible. There’s something for everyone here.”

For more information, visit the Washington Semester website:

And talk to Laurie Diekhoff at the Hart Career Center ( or Prof. Greg Shaw in the Political Science Department (