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Do you have the personality traits employers hire the most?

Posted by Michael Kocourek on February - 6 - 2013


Ever wonder if your personality will fit with what employers are hiring and favoring the most with candidates? I know I have.  And new research has shown that “88% of employers are looking for a ‘cultural fit’ over skills in their next hire as more and more companies focus on attrition rates,” said Meghan Casserly, Forbes Staff writer. Universum, a Stockholm-based employer branding firm, conducted the study “with 1,200 of the world’s leading employers (GE, P&G, Accenture etc.) to find the personalities big businesses are looking for,” said Casserly.


Top 3 traits looked for in new hires:

1-Professionalism (86%)  2-High-Energy (78%)  3-Confidence (61%)

– “These first-impression traits are the most critical for employers to prepare for as they all can be evaluated by a recruiter or hiring manager within the first 30 seconds of meeting a candidate.” – Kathy Harris, managing director of executive search firm Harris Allied

The other top traits pertain more to interview and resume preparation:

4-Self-Monitoring (58%)  5-Intellectual Curiosity (57%)

-With self-monitoring try to “choose anecdotes that show how you’ve saved, made or achieved in previous positions… and how self-motivation was critical to that success.” For intellectual curiosity, employers are looking at two specific things: “The ability to problem solve and the ongoing dedication to learning new technologies or solutions that will continue to advance in the changing workplace.” -Harris, managing director of executive search firm Harris Allied

Take a look at the full article with further details to get “a leg up on the competition.”

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