“14 Things You Should Do On Your Break Every Day”


From the article on Forbes about the “14 things you should do on your lunch break every day.”

A couple of days ago I came across a very interesting article on some tips for what people should try to do during their lunch breaks. It occurred to me that I had never thought about this topic before. This makes sense because I am a student and I have allotted time throughout the day for lunch or dinner. Yet, with me being a senior and graduating soon, these are actually some very insightful tips to help ease the stresses that may arise in the work place. If there’s one mistake I’ve constantly made even as a student here, it’s been that I have skipped lunch on numerous occasions to get work done. Here are my top 5 favorites from the list of 14 tips. Take a quick read; maybe you’ll learn some new tips for your own lunch break or future ones!

1)    “Get up from your desk or workspace.”

After reading this piece of advice it really hit me how important it is to distance yourself from your work place during that lunch period. There’s a good chance if you stay at that spot during your lunch break, you’ll never get out of there. Some of the article’s tips include: going outside for a walk of fresh air or even just moving to a different space in the building. By moving away from that space, “it will help you clear your mind.”

2)    “Eat.”

Make sure that your body gets filled with a source of food. As I mentioned earlier, there were several times here at Wesleyan where I skipped lunch and really paid for it towards the evening. Why? Well, to put it plain and simple, my mind was sluggish and my body felt pretty horrible. Those other tasks that need to be taken care of will be taken care of after lunch. Food is your fuel source to having energy later.

 3)    “Catch up with old friends.”

The moment I saw this piece of advice, I smiled immediately. If there’s something that can always put me in a better mood, it’s hearing from my friends! Sometimes there will be days where the “going gets real tough.” So, what do you do? Call one of your friends to help cheer you up. Even if you’re not in a rough spot, your personal life deserves as much attention as your work life… or at least I think so. So, contact a friend or two!

 4)    “Don’t take too long or too short of a break.”

Now this piece of advice is a bit tricky. Depending on the length of the break, try to take full advantage of it. Use that amount of time to “get out, eat, exercise your mind or body, or tackle items on your personal agenda.” There’s an additional piece of advice that this article makes a point of in this tip, and it’s if everyone else in the organization takes shorter breaks quite frequently, avoid constantly taking longer breaks than they do. “Follow suit so you don’t stand out.” This could vary on how high in the ladder of the organization you are, as well as, company policy. Over more and more experience with jobs, you’ll learn what is best for you but also what’s best for the company.

5)    “Avoid All Screens!”

I think if I had to choose a favorite out of these 5 choices, besides eating of course, this would be the one. The article states to “give your eyes a break.” Stay away from your iPhone, iPod, or whatever devices you use during the duration of your workday. This lunch break is a time to get away from the screens! Lots of office jobs require looking at a screen all day. I know I wouldn’t mind a break for my eyes. That’s why I try to minimize the amount of time I use my phone and computer throughout the day and instead save that time for homework or other work purposes.

There we have it! Use the link to look at the additional tips that Forbes suggests for you to use during your lunch break. So here’s to better use of your lunch breaks in the future!