7 Things I Learned from Jim Halpert

It’s been a while since I’ve watched The Office. After Jim and Pam got married, I think my heart broke in half, and I was unable to continue watching, knowing that Jim would never be mine. But up until that point, I loved the show. When I started working in an office full-time, the summer before my sophomore year, the show started becoming a lot funnier to me. Understanding the dynamics of office interactions at an introductory level made the antics in every episode more interesting and, somehow, relatable. Of course, most offices (thankfully!) do not run like they do in The Office. But nevertheless, I did learn a couple of worthwhile lessons about the working world from observing Jim’s daily life.

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Make the Most of your Freshman Second Semester

When I was a freshman, I was one of those types who wanted to do everything. For me, this was a great idea. I’m one of those types who fixates on one hobby per week. (This week is knitting, in case you were wondering.) What this ended up doing was helping me tailor my interests and focus throughout college. I later on picked up two minors in addition to my major, and some of the groups I joined as a freshman I am still in to this day. It also made me way, way cooler. (See Exhibit A on the left)

So what’s the secret to this lifestyle?

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