IWU Student Interns with New Innovative Company

When it comes to marathons, 5ks, and the like, I’m not usually not the type to want to throw on my Nikes and get out there. I was always the kid to finish last in the mile run in elementary school, and I have always preferred riding my Schwinn bike around town to relying on my shins to have an active role in propelling me across the pavement. But when I first heard about Warrior Dash via this picture I’ve included of my friend, Eric covered in mud and in mid-air over a crackling fire, I felt the sudden urge to start training for something I had little interest in before. Yes, I had fallen for a typical,  yet incredibly effective, marketing gimmick. The thought of crawling through mud, wading through water, climbing up ropes, and yes, leaping over fire was incredibly motivating and exciting. After all, I had always wanted to start targeting my workout routines toward a goal. The company I had to thank for my new inspiration was Red Frog, a Chicago-based organization focused on bringing unique and groundbreaking events to locations across the United States. I had the chance to speak with Jordan Diehl, an IWU senior business management major, about her experience with Red Frog Events as an intern and just what makes this company so spectacular.


1. What does Red Frog do, and how did you hear about it?

Red Frog is an event planning company that hosts 5k obstacle series: Warrior Dash, the Great Urban Race, and Beachpalooza. It also just launched “Red Frog Bar Hops,” which are essentially bar crawls for adults to be held across the country. I found about this internship through LinkedIn. I have an account, and it suggested I apply for this. It’s also advertised on Titan CareerLink.

2. What was the interview for this internship like?

When you sit down at the interview table, they throw a ball with questions written all over it at you. Wherever your thumb lands, that is your question. Mine was “At a slumber party, were you the first person to fall asleep or the last one to wake?” From there, the interview consisted of behavioral and situational questions, as well as some personality questions. There is no right answer to any of these, but it forces you to think on your feet, which is what the job is looking for. Because things at Red Frog Events are constantly moving so quickly, you need to be prepared for anything.

3. What was a typical day at your internship like?

There wasn’t one. It’s a very fast-paced environment so every day is different. Interns, or Event Coordinators as they’re called, do, however, respond to customers via phone or email. We also were all put on five different teams in the company. Among others, my favorite teams I played a role in were the sponsorship/venue searching committee and Red Frog Bar Hops Planning Team.

4. What was your most memorable experience?

Probably my first Warrior Dash. The team was working 15 to 16 hours a day, doing manual labor to set up for the event – and we were all happy about it. When it was done, it was an amazing feeling because I literally put my sweat and tears into it. We had about 23,000 participants in two days who came along with 40,000 spectators. And I was one of fifteen Red Frog staff members there. It was amazing to me that only fifteen people set up a Warrior Dash for over 60,000 people with the help of some pretty amazing volunteers.

5. Did this internship influence what you want to do with your life?

I will soon find out if I have a full time job offer from Red Frog. If it doesn’t work out, it definitely sparked my interest in event planning. But I realize it’s not something I could do for a long time, since there is a lot of physical work that goes into it. I would like to eventually move on from that to sales or some other type of field of work related to event coordinating.

6. What was the most important thing you learned while there?

Be eager from day one.If you’ve run out of things to do, ask what to do next, and don’t be afraid to make decisions when you’re confident.


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