7 Tips in a Bad Economy

If you missed Lindsey Pollak’s energetic, engaging and informative presentation on Tuesday, that’s really too bad. Pollak provided great advice for IWU students of all ages, and also packed the Hansen Student Center with some hearty laughs in response to her off-the-cuff humor. Fortunately, if you weren’t able to make it, we’ve got 7 tips from the Gen Y expert right here. Click through to see what they are!

Tip 1: The Biggest Mistake is Doing Nothing

It’s imperative that you take consistent action. “One thing every day” will help you build momentum.

Tip 2: Be Smarter, Faster, Better

Sounds demanding, huh? All this means, though, is setting yourself apart from other applicants. In this tight economy you have to be ready at a moments notice to jump on an opportunity Рwhich means having your resume, cover letter, etc. ready  to go.

Tip 3: Become an Expert Researcher

Most importantly know “why do you want to work at company X?” If you can’t answer that question, company X won’t be impressed.

Tip 4: Clean up Your Facebook!

As Lindsey said, “It would break my heart if you lost a job in this economy because of a profile picture.”

Tip 5: Shine Online

Know who to use emerging sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to help advance your career search.

Tip 6: Network Naturally

Build your contacts list as if it were a relationship – not a collection of cards.

Tip 7: Your Passion is the Most Important Part

‘Nuff said.

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