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June 21, 2012 by Tommy Titan


Who was @IWU_QuadSquirls? And why did he/she have to graduate? Will they continue their tweets?

Squirl Lover

Dear Lover,

I take it you’re a new student. For all those upperclasspeople who haven’t been browsing the IWU Admissions site or obsessively searching the Twitterverse for absurdist phraseology relating to a low-down or tree-top perspective on the IWU quad, @IWU_QuadSquirls is a Twitter account purporting to come from a squirrel who lives on campus. When the university administration started seeing these tweets fly by, the accounts’ hidden identity quickly became standard watercooler gossip. I tried to tell people it really was a squirrel with a Blackberry, but those stodgy administration-types didn’t believe me. Then one day, the Admissions office decided this squirrel was awesome enough that it deserved a place on their website, and it very quickly gained a wide audience among prospective students.

Fast forward a couple of months to the end of April and this shocking (shocking!) revelation:

To all of those who have faithfully followed my rantings and ravings, tomorrow will end my stint at Illinois Wesleyan University. Muchluv.

And it quickly became apparent that the squirrel had gained enough class credits to graduate. There have been a few tweets since, but nothing earth-shattering like a gang war over the takeover of the account or as if I had stomped a little harder than usual.

So, that’s the backstory. The squirrel’s identity remains a topic of gossipsation to this very day. Even I, your near-iwumniscient¬†mascot, can’t honestly say that I know who runs that account or what its fate may be. I can only hope, as much as you do, that we will continue to be blessed with nuggets of wisdom like this:

I thought the large hole next to CLA was a great place to squirrel away nuts…now there’s a crane on top of my stash. Shootsies.


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