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February 3, 2011 by Tommy Titan

Dear Tommy,

I’ve heard rumors that a new Titan TV studio is in the works.  They’re supposed to be doing live newscasts, talk shows, and sporting events right to our Titan TV channels (4 & 5).  Is this really happening, and if so, how can I apply to be a news anchor?


Dear RON,

It is my understanding that talk of this Titan TV upgrade is in the works.  However, the implementation will depend upon Student Senate approving the necessary funding.  The Titan TV folks have not yet made a formal proposal, from what I can gather, and therefore the changes are still very much up in the air.  If Senate were to approve the funding, Titan TV would add new programming, such as Titan TV News and a talk show called T-Time with Chris Price.  Students would also have the opportunity to host their own shows like they can through WESN.  Personally, I think the campus could use a channel devoted solely to yours truly.  Seriously, am I beautiful?  You just don’t see this kind of bone structure on mascots every day.

FYI, the contact for more Titan TV information is Rachel Paturi.


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