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October, 2010

  1. Undercover Uncovered

    October 28, 2010 by Tommy Titan

    Dear Tommy,

    I’ve been hearing a lot about “Undercover” on the 29th.  What is it?!


    Dear LOOP,

    Undercover is a cover band contest that is a tradition here on campus.  IWU students compete individually or in groups for fabulous prizes and the adoration of millions.  Okay, that’s an overstatement.  But it is very cool, and lots of people come out for it.  It’s in Hansen this Friday night the 29th at 7pm.

    This year it’s also the first collection event for first year students to drop off the change they’ve accumulated in their IWU piggy banks.  Freshmen—bring in those pigs and get Wacky Cash for your efforts.  Also, one of you is going to win couch seating for yourself and a few friends.  The only stipulation is you have to have friends.

    See you there, party people!


  2. Recycling Apart from my Apartment

    October 21, 2010 by Tommy Titan

    Dear Tommy,

    Here on campus we are always encouraged to “be green.” This is great for our environment and a wonderful way for students to feel like they are taking a pro-active approach to positively affecting this community and our world at large. Having always recycled at home, I would love to continue to do that while I’m away at college, but living in an apartment makes that difficult. Where can I take my recycling on campus (plastic, cardboard, aluminum can, glass bottles, etc)? Are there any locations for me to do this?



    I love that our students are active and responsible members of our community, and I appreciate your interest in recycling those off-campus items.  While Bloomington has curb-side recycling, it excludes apartment dwellers—and thus you are left to drown in your own empty milk cartons.  But indeed there is an on-campus outlet for you and your refuse.  The large parking lot on the east side of the Shirk Center is home to two recycling roll-offs where one can sort and recycle mixed paper products, corrugated cardboard, and containers made of glass, plastic, and aluminum.  It’s also a great place to meet eco-friendly singles for fun, friendship, or more.  Actually, I don’t know if that last part is true…I usually just drop off my empties and leave.


  3. Professor Proficiency

    October 14, 2010 by Tommy Titan

    Dear Tommy,

    Are our professors under the impression that students are like little dolls that only come alive for their class? Do they not remember what it’s like because of all the drugs, or because they were so smart they didn’t struggle at all? Talking to them doesn’t work. Trying to explain off-days is a dead-end. How do they expect us to listen to them three hours a week and then go deaf the second our mouths open? How do you communicate with a genius; literally a person whose IQ is so high they can’t be bothered to check that their socks match? They just don’t listen.



    First, let me answer your questions in order:  yes; both; because they have PhDs; most of the time you can’t.

    Now the truth, as I see it, is that some professors are better than others.  Some care more than others.  All are educated, but some are better educators.  And I know this sounds lame, but these struggles may actually teach you more in the long run.  That’s not to say that your professors shouldn’t do everything they can to assist you, but having to be resourceful in finding answers can be a good thing.  If going to your professor’s office hours isn’t doing much for you, check out the writing center, look into a tutor, or find out who else has taken the class and see what they know.  If you’re frustrated, others are too.  Luckily, you and your fellow classmates are bright.  Put your heads together and see what you can do—just don’t be afraid to reach out.  Again, that doesn’t let subpar faculty members off the hook, but there may be no easy answer to getting them to change.  Tenure is a powerful thing, FRUSTRATED.  Hey, if nothing else, you can let those unmatched sock-wearing brainiacs have it on  Help the next generation.


  4. Homecoming

    October 7, 2010 by Tommy Titan

    Dear Tommy,

    What part of Homecoming are you looking forward to most?


    Dear NEWBIE,

    I’m looking forward to watching the North Park football players weep following an embarrassing loss at the hands of our Titans.  We shouldn’t have to water the field for the next week.