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Former Electrolux building finally torn down

Rosa Zapata, News Editor   If you have recently walked down Main St. towards downtown Bloomington, you have probably noticed a huge demolition site where the former Electrolux building once stood. “In some ways, the old Electrolux building was the essence of something that’s dilapidated. It was allowed to sit […]


Sports update: rugby in Bloomington

Sports update: rugby in Bloomington

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   Despite it being one of the fastest growing sports in the country, few people know much of anything about rugby. Still less people are aware that there is a team right here in Bloomington, Ill. Led by captain Dan Higby, the team originated in the […]


The Right’s war on women

Alex Stogin, Columnist   Recently, one of the newest issues to return to the spotlight are women’s issues, primarily related to women’s healthcare. A recent video appeared to show an official from Planned Parenthood, a government funded organization dedicated to high quality and affordable reproductive healthcare to men, women and […]


More severe punishment needed for severe crime

Editorial, Argus Staff   It’s like something out of a twisted movie. In July of 2014, through hundreds of text messages, Michelle Carter convinced her late boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide. Carter was tried on Aug. 24 of 2015 in the case involving Roy’s death. She was convicted of […]


Ask Anna: you, your friend and their special someone

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief   Q: Dear Anna, my friend is spending a lot of time with their significant other and I feel like I’m being pushed away. What do I do to get my friend back? A: While you shouldn’t go plotting some elaborate scheme to break up your friend […]


Iranian deal or no deal

Arjun Nair, Columnist   The United States of America has had a major investment in the Islamic Republic of Iran since the 20th Century, from ousting Mossadegh in 1953 to place a new Shah on the throne to watching the embassy fall in 1979. Ever since the Ayatollah took power, […]


Witness Uganda educates and inspires at IWU

Witness Uganda educates and inspires at IWU

Casey Williams, Staff Writer   Nearly 100 people were present for the Witness Uganda event on Sept. 9, where creators Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews discussed topics that struck a chord with many in the audience. “It was really empowering. They were excellent speakers,” junior Kristen Cullen said. “I appreciated […]


No shortage of activities for 2015’s Family Weekend

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   Friday, Sept. 18 marks the beginning of Family Weekend on the Illinois Wesleyan University campus. The cost is $20 per visiting guest, and it includes: admission to A Capella group Kazual on Friday night, lunch on Saturday afternoon, admission to the football game and admission […]


Comic books come to life in fall’s TV lineup

Giovanni Solano, Opinions Editor   This fall a slew of superhero TV shows are coming out, each one fighting and competing for your attention. This is here to help you figure out what each show is about to appeal to your interests. Gotham: Gotham acts like a prequel, despite not […]


Two friends, five strings, four paws: one adorable phenomenon

Michelle Wong, Copy Editor If the weather is good out on the quad, take a good look around you. You just might catch a glimpse of Illinois Wesleyan University favorite wiener dog, led by a bearded man plucking away at the banjo. For many years, Wesleyan students have watched this […]