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SOPA and PIPA raise questions about freedom of speech

By Nick Desideri, Columnist South Koreans are some of the most internet-savvy people on earth. About 80 percent of the population of South Korea possesses a high-speed internet connection, the highest percentage in the world. While this phenomena can lead to an internet addiction or an infatuation with Starcraft, it […]


“Blackout” is only beginning of student response

Editorial It’s very rare to see such a large group of United States citizens rallying around the same cause, but SOPA and PIPA have sparked a sense of disbelief and fear for our first amendment rights that have brought people together. Even in Bloomington-Normal, a town surrounded by corn fields, […]


Blackout forces students to imagine life without Facebook

By Chris Francis, Editor-in-Chief This past Wednesday, Jan. 18, several of the internet’s most successful sites, sporting immense visitor volumes, “blacked out” for 24 hours. Google’s ubiquitous multi-colored logo, known for whimsically changing to reflect seasons, holidays and current events, censored itself with a large, black bar. Wikipedia shut down […]


Campus honors and remembers the late Dr. King

By Mary Nicholas, News Editor For 22 consecutive years, the School of Music opened the doors of Presser Hall to host the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Festival. Groups from across the state came to Illinois Wesleyan on Monday, Jan. 16 to celebrate through song King’s messages of peace […]


Folk muses “Side” with DiFranco on new LP

Folk muses “Side” with DiFranco on new LP

By Jackie Connelly, Staff Writer It’s difficult for today’s singer/songwriter to get away with welcoming you to her latest album using the line “Every time I open my mouth I take off my clothes” without sounding at least a little desperate or slutty. Fortunately for all the feminist activists, indie-folk […]


Footage Fest entertains despite poor attendance

  By Eric Novak, Staff Writer When my RA invited me to the Found Footage Festival at Hansen on Friday, Jan. 13, I naturally said yes, thinking it was about those silly films that use supposedly real archival footage to scare the unsuspecting person. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a prime […]


“Treasures” offers much to be pilfered

  By Shane McGowan, Staff Writer Viewed from a western window of Munsell Hall, Main Street Treasures (formerly Momma G’s) appears to be a small, cozy home just across Main Street. Today, Main Street is cold and the shop workers are indoors, where piles of unusual items clutter the floor, […]


Buy or sell: It’s a Bulls market

By Jake Clemens, Sports Columnist The 2012 NBA season is well underway, and the Chicago Bulls have emerged as a play-off contender this year. The 2011 Bulls team snuck under the radar for most of the season. But the Bulls are not going to be able to play the underdog […]


Titans streak snapped at North Central

By Bobby Bailey, Staff Writer Jan. 14: Illinois Wesleyan v. Carthage College     This past Saturday, the Titans won their fourth straight conference game, besting Carthage College 69-61 at home. Illinois Wesleyan University fell behind twice in the first half, but went on a 9-2 run, evening the game. Carrying the […]


Keep your resolve strong all year long

Danielle Kamp, Staff Writer The New Year symbolizes a fresh start and hope for the future. It is a time for people to imagine new outlooks on life and anticipate what the next year of their life will hold. Thus we have New Year’s resolutions. I have noticed that when […]