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Joanna Newsom’s Divers transmits and transcends

Ana Erickson, Features Editor   Joanna Newsom changed my life. If this review seems unreal in its praise, I apologize for my strong feelings. I’m just being honest. With that out of the way, I’ll get to Newsom’s latest masterpiece, Divers, which she released Oct. 23. Honestly, I don’t know […]


Wesleyan’s Wildlife: A quad squirrel checks in

Jake Thaker, Staff Writer   Fall is definitely in the air, and the the squirrel community is also hard at work taking advantage of autumn to prepare for the colder months. “One way we keep ourselves warm in the winter is by eating a lot during the fall! We increase […]


Thinning out the political herd

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   The crowded Republican primary field may be getting a little thinner. Recent news out of the Jeb Bush campaign shows signs of weakness within. According to Politico, on Friday, Oct. 23 the Bush campaign announced they will cut payroll costs by 40 percent, shrink their […]


Richard Wilson’s last days as IWU’s president

Richard Wilson’s last days as IWU’s president

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   After 11 years of service, Illinois Wesleyan University’s president, Richard Wilson, is set to step down from his position. Friday, Oct. 23 was his last full day in the office, and the next president, Eric Jensen, will take over at the start of November. Wilson […]


U.S. gets involved with ISIS

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   Last week the United States increased its involvement against the Islamic State (ISIS). On Oct. 22 U.S. Special Forces, in coordination with Kurdish forces, raided a makeshift jail in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija. The goal of the raid was to rescue 70 Iraqis […]


There were no Hiccups in Jesse Eisenberg’s visit to IWU

There were no Hiccups in Jesse Eisenberg’s visit to IWU

Rosa Zapata, News Editor On Monday, Oct. 26 actor and author Jesse Eisenberg came to Illinois Wesleyan University before he kicked off his tour for his debut book, Bream Gives Me Hiccups. IWU’s Center for Human Rights and Social Justice sponsored the event. Joanne Diaz, IWU professor of English, moderated […]


Letter to the Editor

Kristina Dehlin   I appreciate the acknowledgement that the Greek community has had many successful philanthropic events in the past. As a Kappa Delta and a proud member of the Greek community, I can vouch for the fact that we are aware of the unfortunate stereotypes we face and that […]


Testing fails creativity

Carmen Puchulu, Columnist   Recently, President Obama called for a cap on standardized tests, saying that they shouldn’t take more than two percent of a student’s time. It is about time that we started looking into changing standardized testing. Schooling has become a prep-place for tests, which is plain awful. […]


Star Wars Trailer III: The Fan Awakens

Star Wars Trailer III: The Fan Awakens

Arjun Nair, Staff Writer   No so long ago in a time not all that far away, a fantastic story was born. It had action, romance, comedy and great life lessons to teach. It was a story of rebellion and redemption and it changed the cinematic landscape forever. Of course, […]


Undertale: a game to play instead of trick-or-treating

Carmen Puchulu, Staff Writer   For those of you seeking an interesting, spooky (but not too scary) videogame this Halloween, I highly recommend that you take a look at Undertale. It is a role-playing game (RPG) and is very similar to Earthbound in certain aspects: it has a simple, pixelated […]