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Wacky News: Peculiar politicians, then and now

Mike Harris, Staff Writer   Sex, Drugs, and the Political Process Politics in today’s word, as everyone well knows, are seldom far-removed from corruption. As unfortunate as this corruption is for the citizens and administration of countries, the scandals that frequently manifest themselves on the stage of world politics have […]


A Honeymoon to remember, no wedding required

Ana Erickson, Features Editor   To cap off the summer of 2015, Lana Del Rey released an album to play on the dwindling hot evenings. Del Rey’s fourth LP, Honeymoon, laments the season’s end, along with plenty of other things. She’s the queen of “sad-core” for a reason. The album’s […]


IWU volleyball falls after eight game streak

IWU volleyball falls after eight game streak

Maggie Krause, Staff Writer   Despite its loss to unranked Augustana on Tuesday, Sept. 22, Illinois Wesleyan University’s volleyball team has achieved an honor no IWU volleyball team has before: a national ranking. With a record of 10-3, the Titans are ranked No. 23 in the Sept. 22 American Volleyball […]


IWU rugby wins big in first ever game

Pat Mollo, Staff Writer   Saturday, Sept. 19 marked the first rugby match in Illinois Wesleyan history and it will go down as an emphatic a win against Eastern Illinois by a score of 27-0.   The team is a motley crew of ex-football players, ex-soccer players and athletes who […]


IWU welcomes new president

IWU welcomes new president

Crystal Ocampo, Staff Writer   On Monday, Sept. 14, over 150 people made their way to the Hansen Student Center to witness the introduction of Illinois Wesleyan University’s 19th President. The audience members spoke excitedly to each other, speculating and sharing opinions. “I am really sad to see President Wilson […]


Former Electrolux building finally torn down

Rosa Zapata, News Editor   If you have recently walked down Main St. towards downtown Bloomington, you have probably noticed a huge demolition site where the former Electrolux building once stood. “In some ways, the old Electrolux building was the essence of something that’s dilapidated. It was allowed to sit […]


Sports update: rugby in Bloomington

Sports update: rugby in Bloomington

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   Despite it being one of the fastest growing sports in the country, few people know much of anything about rugby. Still less people are aware that there is a team right here in Bloomington, Ill. Led by captain Dan Higby, the team originated in the […]


The Right’s war on women

Alex Stogin, Columnist   Recently, one of the newest issues to return to the spotlight are women’s issues, primarily related to women’s healthcare. A recent video appeared to show an official from Planned Parenthood, a government funded organization dedicated to high quality and affordable reproductive healthcare to men, women and […]


More severe punishment needed for severe crime

Editorial, Argus Staff   It’s like something out of a twisted movie. In July of 2014, through hundreds of text messages, Michelle Carter convinced her late boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide. Carter was tried on Aug. 24 of 2015 in the case involving Roy’s death. She was convicted of […]


Ask Anna: you, your friend and their special someone

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief   Q: Dear Anna, my friend is spending a lot of time with their significant other and I feel like I’m being pushed away. What do I do to get my friend back? A: While you shouldn’t go plotting some elaborate scheme to break up your friend […]