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Jeb Bush should give up and go home

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   How is it that Jeb Bush’s campaign has fallen so far? What once started as a promising presidential campaign has turned into a tumultuous endeavor. Simply put, Jeb Bush is struggling. It is not that he has to fight for attention and recognition. Rather, the problem […]


Snowden: The hero

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   On Thursday, Oct. 29 the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on all European Union (EU) member states to drop all charges against Edward Snowden, grant him asylum as a human rights activist and deny his extradition to any third parties. While this is solely […]


Maybe it’s a viral disease, maybe it’s allergies

Editorial, Argus Staff   The fall season is always a difficult one – not just because we’re swamped in midterms and the frigid winter is steadily approaching, but because of our allergies. Most of us don’t know that we suffer from seasonal allergies because we have never been tested for […]


China’s child policy and the right to reproduce

Ben Zentner, Columnist   The government of China has recently announced that they will end their one-child policy. This odd and imposing rule attempted to limit the population growth of China by restricting the number of children urban couples could raise to one. “The reason China is doing this right […]


Titan Cross Country weathers storm in CCIW championship on “All Hallows Eve”

Titan Cross Country weathers storm in CCIW championship on “All Hallows Eve”

Derek Andersen, Staff Writer Womens: On Halloween, while most people munched on candy bars, the women’s cross country team raced in the pouring rain at the CCIW Championships. Unfazed by the rolling hills on Carthage’s home course, the ladies sped through the finish line in rapid succession. The Titans scored […]


Titan’s streak ended

Titan’s streak ended

Pat Mollo, Staff Writer   Titan football star Artie Checchin suffered a broken fibula and torn ankle ligaments in the Titans’ 33-15 loss against North Central College on Saturday, Oct. 31. Checchin suffered the injury with 7:26 to go in the third quarter while scoring a two-point conversion and cutting […]


Weak moderators lead to disaster

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   The Republican debate held Wednesday, Oct. 28 was a total, utter disaster. There is no other way to describe it. The debate was not a disaster because the candidates failed to deliver excitement and poignant opinions. The debate collapsed because the CNBC moderators were grossly underprepared […]


The future of environmental consciousness

Ben Zentner, Staff Writer   On Nov. 2 Eban Goodstein, economist, author and director of the Center for Environmental Policy, was invited by the Environmental Studies department to meet with Illinois Wesleyan University students interested in environmental sustainability. His first speech, “How to Get a Job Saving the Planet” detailed […]


This week in world news: conspiracy, change and deceit

Rosa Zapata, News Editor Fox Lake Police When Illinois police officer Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was discovered to have been killed in the line of duty, thousands mourned and attended his funeral. He was hailed as a hero who had given his life to protecting his community. According to the Chicago […]


Gray skies can’t stop the presentation of these colors

Gray skies can’t stop the presentation of these colors

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   Rain makes it hard to hold onto a football, but it makes it even harder to hold onto a rifle. “They’re pretty heavy, actually,” senior Amy Holpuch said. “I was so worried that I was going to drop the rifle because it was soaking wet. […]