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IWU holds fourth annual Tommy Awards

IWU holds fourth annual Tommy Awards

Connor Allen, Staff Writer   On Monday, April 13, the Shirk Center hosted the fourth annual “Tommy Awards.” For many, the night was filled with fun and laughter, but also some shades of seriousness which made the ceremony even more special. Even with many serious moments, the Tommy Awards ceremony […]


Titans back on top in the CCIW

Titans back on top in the CCIW

Eric Gilbert, Sports Editor   After a 7-6 loss to Millikin on Sunday, April 12, the Titans were able to bounce back with a 5-0 win against Benedictine University on Wednesday, April 15. The victory propelled them to an overall record of 19-7 and 9-3 in conference.  The Titans have […]


Four students awarded IWU’s Council for Women scholarship

Rebekah Smith, Staff Writer   In 2006, the Council for IWU Women was established to help promote confidence and to provide connections and networking opportunities for female students at Illinois Wesleyan.  Every year since, there has been a Summit during the spring semester and one woman from each class is […]


Physical Plant answers questions about ongoing construction at Ames

Physical Plant answers questions about ongoing construction at Ames – Nunzia Martino, News Editor   During November of last year, freezing temperatures led to the formation of cracks on the front steps of The Ames Library. Since then, Physical Plant staff has been attempting to combat the issue and Physical […]


Giving things a chance

Eric Novak, Columnist   For all of you Twin Peaks aficionados, I’m sure you’ve heard the recent and terrible news. For those of you who aren’t following Twin Peaks or have even seen it, I’ll clue you in. This past week, David Lynch has updated his Twitter with the message […]


IWU handicap inaccessible

Casey Williams, Columnist   Something has always bothered me about the setup of the Illinois Wesleyan campus. Aesthetically, it is beautiful. The mix of old and new buildings leaves the campus with a historic and classic feel. Though classic is wonderful for movies, it ignores today’s problems. Just last week, […]


Guilty or innocent?

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   Just last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged well-known and respected senator Bob Menendez with corruption, conspiracy and bribery. The DOJ finally concluded its investigation into the actions of the New Jersey Senator. After about three years of investigating, the DOJ decided it had enough […]


International violence deserves attention in news

Argus Staff, Editorial   The desperate cries of mourning mothers could be heard echoing down brick hallways of the local hospital after the April 2 attack on Garissa University College, Kenya. Al-Shabaab, Somalian allies of al-Queda, claimed ownership of the shooting. Last Thursday, 147 were killed, most of them students. […]


Finals won’t be a horror story if you read your horoscope

Ana Erickson, Features Editor   As finals quickly approach, everyone is preparing in a unique way to take on the impending tests. If you’re feeling lost on how to get ready, look no further than the stars for advice.   Aries – The Ram (March 21 to April 19) You […]


Never mind your homework, Dare to binge-watch this devil

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   On Friday, April 10, Marvel’s Daredevil will make its debut on Netflix. Today. That’s today. Drop what you’re doing and get comfortable. As if word of its debut isn’t satisfactory enough, there’s more: Netflix will have 13 episodes immediately available for streaming. Portrayed by Charlie […]