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Titan baseball second in preseason coaches’ poll

Titan baseball second in preseason coaches’ poll

Eric Gilbert, Sports Editor   With spring just around the corner, the Illinois Wesleyan men’s baseball team is gearing up for the 2015 season.  Looking back on the Titans 2014 season, there was a lot to be proud of. The 2014 Titans had a 24-20 record overall, and were 14-7 […]


Turn That Thing Around opens up mental illness

Turn That Thing Around follows Illinois Wesleyan University student and playwright Aaron Woodstein’s autobiographical journey through a manic episode in response to taking an HIV test, ending in his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Mental health is something that we need to make a part of everyday conversation. Depression affects at […]


IWU Horoscopes: your week written in the stars

Madame Zostra, Staff Psychic Aries (March 21-April 19): Be kind to your computer. To avoid breaking it in a fit of rage, you may consider writing your papers in Google Drive or syncing them to Dropbox. Try to use a program that saves to the Cloud. With these precautions, you […]


Queens you won’t hear about in your history class

Queens you won’t hear about in your history class

Casey Williams, Staff Writer   With the Illinois Wesleyan Pride Alliance’s upcoming Drag Show this Friday, Feb. 6, it seems some background information is necessary to understand the misunderstood and consequently controversial culture. While today’s drag is synonymous with being crass and lewd, some of the earliest forms of drag […]


Joel Ward dazzles IWU students with his unique marriage of magic and mystery

Tanya Gupta, Staff Writer   On Friday, Jan. 30 at 8:00 p.m., magician Joel Ward took the stage at the Hansen Student Center, hosted by the Wesleyan Office of Student Activities.  Ward is magician, comedian and actor from La Holla, California. He became a World Champion teen magician at age […]


Alumni project set to be tested

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   After pioneering a new method to create polyurethane casts of internal spaces in bird eggshells, the work of recent Illinois Wesleyan University graduates Jason Murphy ‘14 and Mark Swanson ‘14 will move into the testing stage. While their work itself is not new, it is […]


IWU School of Theatre ranked top five in U.S.

Emily Considine, Staff Writer   Illinois Wesleyan University’s School of Theatre Arts was ranked number two among the top five BFA Theatre Design & Technology programs in the country. According to, a blog that recently became an open national website, Illinois has become a breeding ground for some of […]


Ask Anna: Trying out Tindr

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief   Q: Dear Anna, I haven’t been having much luck with love on campus and I’ve been thinking about getting a Tindr for a while. Should I or should I not? A: Dating culture has changed since the 21st century began, and many modern young lovers are […]


Unclear nuclear future

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist Last week, Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress in March. It was supposed to be nothing out of the ordinary. Many foreign leaders have visited Washington D.C. and have occasionally spoken to Congress. […]


Timmerman for President

Eric Novak, Columnist As the school year marches on and graduation comes closer and closer, a lot of questions have started running through my mind. Self-absorbed questions aside, I find myself constantly wondering who’s going to take over for President Wilson now that he’s announced his retirement? A university without […]