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The seedy, spermy underbelly of IWU, exposed

The seedy, spermy underbelly of IWU, exposed

The Campus Conspiracist, Staff Writer   Good students of Illinois Wesleyan University, I’m sure that you’ve all noticed the strange noises coming from the newly defunct Shaw Hall late at night. Now, rumors abound about the sources of these noises, but I’m here to put such confusion to bed. The […]


A guide to March Madness for sports haters everywhere

A guide to March Madness for sports haters everywhere

Jennick Maxlos, Staff Writer   So, it’s the final four and you haven’t paid attention to any of the tournament games. Hell, you probably haven’t held a basketball since Uncle Jerry yelled at you for not being able to make a free throw at the family pickup game in 2008. […]


Four students awarded IWU’s Council for Women scholarship

Rebekah Smith, Staff Writer   In 2006, the Council for IWU Women was established to help promote confidence and to provide connections and networking opportunities for female students at Illinois Wesleyan.  Every year since, there has been a Summit during the spring semester and one woman from each class is […]


Fashion Interviews: Anna Kerr-Carpenter’s creative edge

Fashion Interviews: Anna Kerr-Carpenter’s creative edge

Candace Parrott, Staff Writer   Anna has shared several French classes with me and I was always attracted to her great style – creepy staring moments are allowed when you love fashion, ok? She has an edgy spunk about her, which intrigued me. It was an honor for her to […]


Wacky News: An all-you-can-eat buffet of weirdness

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief   Food is a common component of every day life – we usually don’t see it as anything wacky. But these three, real-life news stories might change the way you think about your snacks.   Salsa Slayer On Sunday, March 29, a 50-year-old resident from Akron, Ohio […]


Indiana threatens gay rights with new law

Amelia Smith, Columnist   Recently, Indiana passed a law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Normally, I’d consider religious freedom a positive aspect of our society. But the Indiana RFRA isn’t about religious freedom when it comes to its goals. The Indiana RFRA enables discrimination, simple as that. In […]


DEA caught with pants down

Daniel Maibenco, Staff Writer   Last week, multiple news agencies including Time and USA Today reported that over the past several years, several DEA agents attended “sex parties” with prostitutes in Columbia. To make matters worse, these parties were paid for by drug cartels. After all of the scandals and […]


Letter to the Editor

I would like to respond to Daniel Maibenco’s article, “Terror spreads as Obama cowers at defining it,” published on March 27, 2015. After winning re-election in 2012, President Obama made striking a nuclear agreement with Iran a cornerstone of his foreign policy. The objective of this nuclear agreement is clear: […]


Utah’s deadly mistake

Ally Daskalopoulos, Staff Writer   In recent weeks, capital punishment has punishment has once again become a hot-button issue. Last week, Utah governor Gary R. Herbert signed a bill bringing back the option to use the firing squads as a form of execution for prisoners on the death row list. […]


The Argus agrees with bills 218 and 753

Argus Staff   The Illinois House and Senate have both proposed bills to decriminalize marijuana in the state of Illinois. The House proposed Bill 218, which would eliminate the possibility of jail time for possession of marijuana. Offenders caught with up to 30 grams of marijuana would no longer face […]