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Race issues in BloNo need to be addressed

Argus Staff   Controversy has swirled regarding the encounters between Michael Brown and officer Darren Wilson, and Eric Garner and the NYPD. One thing those events have had in common is that they did not take place in very close proximity to Bloomington-Normal. The incident involving Bloomington’s own Sergeant Shumaker […]


Sniper sniped by tweets

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   On Dec. 25, 2014, the film American Sniper was released. Numerous film critics have said the movie was brilliantly performed and the actors have raised awareness about the plague of PTSD that affects many soldiers, both on and off the battlefield. It also pays tribute to […]


Weekend full of All-Stars for NHL and NFL

Jack Sweeney, Staff Writer   The 2015 NFL Pro Bowl took place Sunday, Jan. 26, between Team Irvin and Team Carter in Arizona. This was the second Pro Bowl where teams were selected by draft instead of conference. Hall of Famers Michael Irvin and Chris Carter picked their own teams, […]


Individual victories prevail at I-55 Triangular meet

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor On Saturday, Jan. 24, the Illinois Wesleyan University women’s track and field team finished second and the men’s team finished third at the I-55 Triangular Meet. As its name suggests, the Triangular Meet is a three-way competition. On the women’s side, University of Chicago finished first […]


Women’s basketball splits conference games

Sam Lalonde, Staff Writer   The red hot Titans basketball team travelled to Augustana last Wednesday, Jan. 21, and handed the Vikings, who are nationally ranked as number one, their first loss of the season. It was their fifth consecutive win and propelled them to a temporary first place seat […]


IWU raises awareness for worldwide hunger

IWU raises awareness for worldwide hunger

Rebekah Smith   In 2013, 45.3 million Americans lived in poverty and 49.1 million lived in food insecure households. In order to raise awareness of food insecurity in the United States and around the world, the Illinois Wesleyan University Development Studies Team, International Studies Program and Amnesty International sponsored the […]


IWU Balinese musical instruments bring sounds of cultural diversity

IWU Balinese musical instruments bring sounds of cultural diversity

Amelia Smith   If you were on campus during Homecoming, you may have heard the strains of unfamiliar music drifting across campus. The source of the music was from Illinois Wesleyan University’s Gamelan Ensemble. The acquisition of the instruments for the university was an important achievement for the School of […]


Hart Career Center places importance on social media

Hart Career Center places importance on social media

Kacie Graves   Illinois Wesleyan University’s Hart Career Center advocates that in a technologically driven world, an impressive social media presence is crucial in the job search. Career Center student-workers created an “IWU Career Dream” Instagram contest that enabled students to publicly display their pursuit of their dream jobs. “The […]


Presidential race has Trump card

Daniel Maibenco   The Republicans have taken control of the Senate. If you were predicting that this wasn’t going to happen, then this must be a great surprise. The Republicans had a historic night. They had never flipped seven senate seats nor gained enough House seats to surpass post WWII […]


Don’t just step on floor tiles, appreciate them

Ryan Orloski   I think it’s important that every once in a while we take some time to think about sidewalks and floor tiles. I think they’re widely underappreciated in this modernized society. It’s not as crazy of a suggestion as it sounds, I assure you. There are millions of […]