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Religious freedom at work

Alex Stogin, Columnist Over this past summer, the United States Supreme Court made one of its most historic rulings. On June 26, the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for states to outlaw gay marriages. This was a monumental victory for gay rights groups across the nation who have […]


Syrian refugee crisis

Ally Daskalopoulos, Columnist In recent attempts to encourage all European Union (EU) states to welcome in more refugees from the Middle East, European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, has implemented a new quota plan. Juncker’s hope is to get as many EU member states to take in 160,000 refugees. By assigning […]


Kimmel’s joke ignorant

Carmen Puchulu, Columnist A few weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel made a comment concerning people who watch videos of other people play videogames, videos known as “Let’s Plays.” “Watching another person play videogames is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you,” he said. In the […]


Bats, spiders and cicadas, oh my!

Argus Editorial Staff Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus has been crawling with some creepy critters. From bats to giant spiders to screeching cicadas, it seems like Halloween has come to campus early. But, don’t fret, it’s just mating and migrating season. Little Brown Bats: Why are they here? During the autumn […]


Ask Anna: Managing your time

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief Q: Dear Anna, I’m a first-year student here at Illinois Wesleyan University, and I’m feeling like I’ll never be able to finish all of this homework. How can I better schedule my time? A: The level of academia at Illinois Wesleyan is much, much more intense than […]


Titan men’s soccer kicks of their season

Eric Gilbert, Staff Writer The Illinois Wesleyan Titans men’s soccer team travelled to Dubuque, Iowa for their 2015 season opener. Second year head coach Kyle Schauls, looking for his first opening day victory, would have to wait a few more days as the Dubuque University Spartans  edged out the Titans […]


Changing the guard: new Tommy Titan

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor September 25, 1965 is an important date in Illinois Wesleyan University’s illustrious history. On that date, “The Wesleyan Titan” made his inaugural appearance, entering Wilder Field in a Roman chariot as Wesleyan’s football team was preparing for its game against the Illinois State University Redbirds. He […]


IWU Meditation Room becomes multi-faith

IWU Meditation Room becomes multi-faith

Cayley Rydzinski, Staff Writer This past Thursday, August 27, Illinois Wesleyan University students and faculty dedicated the newly remodeled, and now multi-faith, Meditation Room. The proceedings opened with a composition entitled Prayer written by senior David Flowers, in which he hoped that everyone would be able to “find a moment […]


More debates needed

More debates needed

Alex Stogin, Columnist  The 2016 presidential race is now well under way as candidates from both parties look to secure their nomination for the general election next fall. All summer the candidates have been travelling the country trying to gather support from their bases. Now they are entering the debate […]


Embrace: don’t hate

Srishti Sinha, Columnist I wasn’t there when it happened, but I came across Facebook post that struck me, and all it took were the words “Read this” ensued by a story that incited rage and a moment to question my surroundings. The post referred to a racial slur chalked in […]