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Vanderbilt University rape case serves as an example

Ally Daskalopoulos, Columnist   What would you do if you saw an unconscious girl being carried down the hall of a dorm on a typical Friday night? Would you call and get help? Or would you pretend you didn’t see anything?  It may seem like an irrelevant question or a […]


Women’s Track and Field wins Titan Open meet

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   The Illinois Wesleyan University women’s track and field team earned a first place finish, in addition to yet another individual award at the Titan Open meet on Saturday, Jan. 31. First-year Amelia Glueck earned “Field Athlete of the Week” on February 7. This is the […]


Brady, Patriots, win fourth Super Bowl

Jack Sweeney, Staff Writer   After losing in their previous two appearances, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 10 years after their last victory.  Quarterback Tom Brady led the Patriots to victory in the fourth quarter over the Seattle Seahawks. After giving up 17 unanswered points, New England […]


Zombie paranoia spreads like a virus

Casey Williams, Columnist   The television program The Walking Dead has aroused the nation’s obsession with all things zombie. Each and every Halloween since the show’s premiere has featured many a zombie fanatic. Some people take it even farther than that, joining groups of people similar to a militia to […]


IWU Grounds crew combats winter ice

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   On Monday, Jan. 26, Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus was covered with a combination of snow and freezing rain, leaving many questioning what was being done on campus to combat the weather. Immediately after the initial snowfall, the Grounds crew was out clearing sidewalks and pathways. […]


Wacky news: the modern-day hippy van and more

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief   13 years with 13 pounds: Alamagordo, New Mexico resident, Melodie Piel, recently found a surprise she will never forget tucked safely in the door of her 1990 Chevrolet van – 13 and a half pounds of Grade A Kush, otherwise known as marijuana. After purchasing the […]


Today in history: the gains and losses of legends

Casey Williams, Staff Writer On the calendar today it says Jan. 30, but to some it means a little bit more than that. In years past on this date many famous celebrities and historical figures entered and left this world. Born: Christian Bale Franklin D. Roosevelt Gene Hackman Dick Cheney […]


Consent is mandatory, not sexy

Jenn Oswald, Columnist   We have all seen the buttons and posters that promote IWU’s newest campaign. “Consent is Sexy” opened the door to making sexual assault something to be talked about. The title “Consent is Sexy” has its own problems. Consent is not sexy, it is mandatory. However, college […]


Help@Ames introduces interactive “Idea Wall”

Emily Considine, Staff Writer   Recently, the Ames Library Help@Ames desk created an interactive “Idea Wall” for students to engage more with each other, the library and the university itself. The ideas and topics change from month to month, incorporating things such as holidays, breaks and so on. “The Idea […]


Racism in our police ranks

Brexton Isaacs, Columnist   In summer 2013, Bloomington police responded to a late night call from a local Denny’s Restaurant where a fight had broken out after a group of partygoers went for a meal. One officer, Stephen Statz, witnessed one of the partygoers leaving the scene with a stab […]