Planned Parenthood’s services are needed

Editorial, Argus Staff   The plans to defund Planned Parenthood has caused an outcry across the country. One of the major motivations for this plan is that Planned Parenthood conducts abortions, but according to Planned Parenthood’s annual report for 2013-2014 only three percent of the services utilized included abortions. Meanwhile […]


Ask Anna: Titan safety

Anna Lowenthal, Editor-in-Chief Q: Dear Anna, I’ve been feeling very unsafe as a result of the campus robberies, but I still have to be on campus at night. What can I do to be safer when walking alone on campus? A: The emails and text messages we’ve received over the […]


Syrian refugees are humans

Michelle Wong, Copy Editor News sources are calling it the greatest refugee displacement since World War II. Syria’s refugee crisis is the most recent part of a long, confusing history of war and civil unrest. This includes power struggles, civil war, extremist terrorism, a corrupt military and violent military opposition. […]


Respect your elders

Ally Daskalopoulos, Columnist Earlier this week, the highly publicized event of Pope Francis’ visit and address to Congress has left a lasting impression on me. While most may be focused on his surprisingly liberal standpoint on issues such as immigration, environmental pollution and the death penalty, that is not what […]


Hillary versus Bernie: rumble in the democrat jungle

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   Only a few months ago, we assumed that Hillary Clinton would all but lock up the Democratic nomination. Yes, there were some “scandals” but nothing seemed to get out of hand. At least, not yet. No one seemed to have the poise or momentum to challenge […]


WSJ wrong about Bernie’s plan

Alex Stogin, Columnist   In a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the journal made a bold claim that the proposals made by Democratic presidential nominee Senator Bernie Sanders would cost the nation $18 trillion over the course of the next decade. This claim has quickly come under […]


Islamaphobic remarks show religious illiteracy

Editorial, Argus Staff “I Would Not Advocate That We Put a Muslim in Charge” In an interview with NBC on Sept. 20, GOP candidate Ben Carson offered his opinion on whether he’d support a person of Islamic faith who wished to run for President of the United States. His response, […]


“Dislike” bullying

Carmen Puchulu, Columnist   For the longest time, people wondered why Facebook never offered a dislike button. Soon, they will no longer have to wonder, as Facebook is working on making it happen. We could only simply say if we liked something with the like button, but if we disagreed […]


Don’t slander the homeless

Casey Wiliams, Columnist   Over the years, there has been an increasing amount of stigma towards the homeless community as well as apprehension about giving them money. These people are stigmatized because it is assumed that they somehow deserve their situation. They are branded as addicts, uneducated, or too lazy […]


Clockwork Controversy

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist Who knew one alarm clock could start such ruckus? Of all the things that could cause a 14-year-old student in Irving, Texas to be put in handcuffs and suspended, a homemade clock did the trick. Apparently, Ahmed Mohamed brought his homemade clock to school to show others. […]