Go forth and create at IWU

Eric Novak, Columnist   During my time here at Illinois Wesleyan University, I’ve found myself often striking out on my own to put on various projects or concerts around campus that aren’t necessarily sponsored by any kind of campus group. What I’ve discovered is that a lot of the times, […]


The 21st century cure is inside you

Nik Thapa, Columnist   Officially started in 1990, the Human Genome Project sought to identify and map the human genome –the complete set of DNA within our cells. With an estimated cost of $3 billion, the DNA sequencing project was given a timeframe of 15 years to complete. Through international […]


Foreign languages too foreign for some to learn

Casey Williams, Columnist   There is really no denying that the American education system has fallen behind in terms of teaching foreign languages to our youth, especially compared to most European countries. The majority of American middle schools and high schools do not require a foreign language to graduate, which […]


IWU students must consider real-world consequences

Argus Staff, Editorial   On Friday, April 10, an 18-year-old Illinois Wesleyan University student was arrested after allegedly selling $675 worth of cocaine to a police source. If convicted, he will face six to 30 years in prison without probation, according to Bloomington-Normal’s Pantagraph. Six to 30 years. In our […]


Ask Anna: Summer Boredom

Q: Dear Anna, I’m not staying on campus during May Term. What should I do with my extra month of summer? A: May Term is a great time to get an extra class under your belt in a short period of time, but to be honest, campus is pretty dead […]


Giving things a chance

Eric Novak, Columnist   For all of you Twin Peaks aficionados, I’m sure you’ve heard the recent and terrible news. For those of you who aren’t following Twin Peaks or have even seen it, I’ll clue you in. This past week, David Lynch has updated his Twitter with the message […]


IWU handicap inaccessible

Casey Williams, Columnist   Something has always bothered me about the setup of the Illinois Wesleyan campus. Aesthetically, it is beautiful. The mix of old and new buildings leaves the campus with a historic and classic feel. Though classic is wonderful for movies, it ignores today’s problems. Just last week, […]


Guilty or innocent?

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   Just last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged well-known and respected senator Bob Menendez with corruption, conspiracy and bribery. The DOJ finally concluded its investigation into the actions of the New Jersey Senator. After about three years of investigating, the DOJ decided it had enough […]


International violence deserves attention in news

Argus Staff, Editorial   The desperate cries of mourning mothers could be heard echoing down brick hallways of the local hospital after the April 2 attack on Garissa University College, Kenya. Al-Shabaab, Somalian allies of al-Queda, claimed ownership of the shooting. Last Thursday, 147 were killed, most of them students. […]


Indiana threatens gay rights with new law

Amelia Smith, Columnist   Recently, Indiana passed a law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Normally, I’d consider religious freedom a positive aspect of our society. But the Indiana RFRA isn’t about religious freedom when it comes to its goals. The Indiana RFRA enables discrimination, simple as that. In […]