Weeding out the field

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   In this week’s Republican Primary debate on Fox Business Channel, the stage was noticeably thinner than in previous debates. Only eight candidates took to the stage in the main debate as opposed to the typical 10 that have characterized previous debates. Fox Business set the […]


Letter to the editor

Robert Quesenberry   In light of the campus controversy concerning a member of student senate allegedly saying he believes sexuality is a choice: As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I’ve been an extremely lucky individual. I’ve rarely had homophobia directed towards me and I recognize how privileged I am to […]


How to go the distance

Ben Zentner, Columnist   Should college students try long-distance relationships? The obvious answer from the average citizen is a resounding no. And for good reason. Long-distance relationships are hard, with a capital H. They’re time consuming, they’re frustrating and often they can be costly to maintain. Long-distance relationships are a […]


Religion and morality

Carmen Puchulu, Columnist   Most people assume that children who have a religious background have a good morality. After all, the teachings of the major religions to children are mostly about being good and kind to others. A recent study states otherwise. Professor Jean Decety from the University of Chicago […]


Jeb Bush should give up and go home

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   How is it that Jeb Bush’s campaign has fallen so far? What once started as a promising presidential campaign has turned into a tumultuous endeavor. Simply put, Jeb Bush is struggling. It is not that he has to fight for attention and recognition. Rather, the problem […]


Snowden: The hero

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   On Thursday, Oct. 29 the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on all European Union (EU) member states to drop all charges against Edward Snowden, grant him asylum as a human rights activist and deny his extradition to any third parties. While this is solely […]


Maybe it’s a viral disease, maybe it’s allergies

Editorial, Argus Staff   The fall season is always a difficult one – not just because we’re swamped in midterms and the frigid winter is steadily approaching, but because of our allergies. Most of us don’t know that we suffer from seasonal allergies because we have never been tested for […]


China’s child policy and the right to reproduce

Ben Zentner, Columnist   The government of China has recently announced that they will end their one-child policy. This odd and imposing rule attempted to limit the population growth of China by restricting the number of children urban couples could raise to one. “The reason China is doing this right […]


Weak moderators lead to disaster

Daniel Maibenco, Columnist   The Republican debate held Wednesday, Oct. 28 was a total, utter disaster. There is no other way to describe it. The debate was not a disaster because the candidates failed to deliver excitement and poignant opinions. The debate collapsed because the CNBC moderators were grossly underprepared […]


Thinning out the political herd

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   The crowded Republican primary field may be getting a little thinner. Recent news out of the Jeb Bush campaign shows signs of weakness within. According to Politico, on Friday, Oct. 23 the Bush campaign announced they will cut payroll costs by 40 percent, shrink their […]