Harvesting help: a halt in hunger

Harvesting help: a halt in hunger

Cayley Rydzinski, Staff Writer   On Saturday, Nov. 7, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Interfaith group held its biggest service event of the year, Harvesting Help. With the holiday season closing in, our minds turn toward the less fortunate. Harvesting Help was created last year by the Multifaith Ambassadors to give students […]


Bloomington residents protest against budget cuts for BCPA

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   At this week’s Bloomington City Council Meeting on Monday Nov. 9, supporters of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) came out to voice their desire to keep the BCPA funded, speaking about the importance of the services that the BCPA offers. The city […]


The future of environmental consciousness

Ben Zentner, Staff Writer   On Nov. 2 Eban Goodstein, economist, author and director of the Center for Environmental Policy, was invited by the Environmental Studies department to meet with Illinois Wesleyan University students interested in environmental sustainability. His first speech, “How to Get a Job Saving the Planet” detailed […]


This week in world news: conspiracy, change and deceit

Rosa Zapata, News Editor Fox Lake Police When Illinois police officer Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was discovered to have been killed in the line of duty, thousands mourned and attended his funeral. He was hailed as a hero who had given his life to protecting his community. According to the Chicago […]


Richard Wilson’s last days as IWU’s president

Richard Wilson’s last days as IWU’s president

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   After 11 years of service, Illinois Wesleyan University’s president, Richard Wilson, is set to step down from his position. Friday, Oct. 23 was his last full day in the office, and the next president, Eric Jensen, will take over at the start of November. Wilson […]


U.S. gets involved with ISIS

Alex Stogin, Business Manager   Last week the United States increased its involvement against the Islamic State (ISIS). On Oct. 22 U.S. Special Forces, in coordination with Kurdish forces, raided a makeshift jail in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija. The goal of the raid was to rescue 70 Iraqis […]


‘You’ll never guess who we got’

‘You’ll never guess who we got’

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Illinois Wesleyan University’s Center for Human Rights and Social Justice announced that actor Jesse Eisenberg will visit campus on Oct. 26 in the Hansen Student Center at 7:00 p.m. to talk about his newly-published book. Given Eisenberg’s high profile and esteem, […]


McLean County helps dispose of hazardous waste

Ben Zentner, Staff Writer   According to the Ecology Action Center’s website, “whether [household hazardous waste] is thrown out with regular trash going to a municipal waste landfill, dumped illegally down the drain, storm sewer or in a ditch, these actions compromise the safety of drinking water, thereby threatening the […]


Mumps spread near IWU

Jeff Neukom, Managing Editor   As of Oct. 7, McLean County has 31 confirmed cases of mumps, though that number is likely to increase. “With any type of viral infection, we see an initial wave, then a drop, then another wave, and a drop,” Debra Adams, IWU’s Director of Health […]


Bedbugs found in IWU dorms

Rosa Zapata, News Editor This year, there have been three reported cases of bed bug infestations in Illinois Wesleyan University dorms. According to Doug Meyer, Associate Director of Residential Life at Illinois Wesleyan, two dorm rooms in Munsell Hall and Ferguson Hall and a room in Pfeiffer have been affected. […]