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Jack Walsdorf provides IWU with William Morris Collection

Jack Walsdorf provides IWU with William Morris Collection

Anna Lowenthal   From Wednesday, Oct. 22 to Friday, Oct. 24, Illinois Wesleyan University hosted William Morris scholars Florence Boos and Jack Walsdorf for several on-campus events, including the opening of four displays in Ames library, provided by Walsdorf, president of the William Morris Society in the U.S. William Morris […]


IWU awarded with grant from the state

IWU awarded with grant from the state

Annie Kehler   With the election right around the corner on November 4th, Illinois Wesleyan has been a hotspot for Democratic candidates to visit and talk with students. On Monday Oct. 27, Governor Quinn held a press conference at Illinois Wesleyan with President Wilson announcing a $1.1 million capital investment […]


Offerman offers jokes, but goes too far on sexual abuse

Editorial Board With any comedic act, inevitably someone is going to be offended. Part of the great appeal of comedy is that is a medium where offense is allowed. It has created a platform for people to talk about issues that may not be appropriate in other settings, but deserve […]


Flu warrants concern over Ebola

Casey Williams   There has been some serious talk about the Ebola virus and the confirmed cases in the United States. Along with that talk has come fear and panic. To minimize some of this anxiety, take a look at the facts. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC): […]


Republican policies hide behind moderate masks

Brexton Isaacs   Happy Halloween, Illinois Wesleyan! Tonight there will be ghosts and goblins hitting the streets for candy, but there are much scarier costumes being worn these days. Candidates like Bruce Rauner and Rodney Davis have dressed themselves up as moderates, trying to fool the voters of Illinois, but […]


Meal plan maladies

Ryan Orloski   I think our student body deserves a better explanation, if not a solution, for the current state of affairs regarding meal plans. This piece is not meant to discredit Sodexo or any other agencies here at Illinois Wesleyan University, but is simply a request for awareness and […]


Republicans hold the upper hand

Daniel Maibenco   It’s no big secret. The main objective of the 2014 mid-term elections is to decide the control of the Senate. This year, though, the senate races are especially close. Voter frustration is more relevant now than it was in 2010. The Democrats and Republicans are feverishly campaigning […]


Chris Weller and his band wear hearts on sleeve

Eric Novak   It’s not often that an innovative record comes out that stars a blood-related relative. In the case of the new jazz record eponymously titled Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts, my cousin Cole DeGenova plays keyboards in a trio comprised of sax, keyboards and drums. This instrumentation stands out […]


The Frugal Foodie

The Frugal Foodie

Tia Patsavas   College students love food, but we also love big flavors. The problem? Finding meals we love with flavors we enjoy, all on the college student budget. Looking for an inexpensive way to a gourmet dinner? Start with a staple, prepackaged meal, and add new flavors to mix […]


Offerman utilizes his diverse talents

Nick Cocorikis   On Saturday, Oct. 25, the Illinois Wesleyan University Shirk Center was the place to be. Around 8:00 p.m., Nick Offerman, popular for his role on Parks and Recreation, not only performed a hilarious comedy act with multiple songs and personal stories, but also gave students advice for […]