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Presser stuck in the past

Ryan Donlin   With the dawning of this year, we have reached a milestone in Illinois Wesleyan University’s history. It marks the 150th year of IWU’s school of music being active. That is something remarkable when you consider that each person only experiences about four years of the school in […]


Female gamers continue to experience sexist backlash

Giovanni Solano   In 2006 Joss Whedon (director and writer of The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.) during his Equality Now Speech said “Equality is not a concept. It is not something that we should be striving for. It is a necessity. Equality is like gravity, we need it […]


Staff gives education on temperature regulation

Editorial Board   In the spring and fall transition months, regulating the heat in on-campus buildings becomes more challenging. Students have commented on what feels like an excessive amount of heating in the resident halls. “It’s nice to have heat but it gets to a point where we need to […]


Dach scandal exposes cover ups

Daniel Maibenco   A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the secret service was not doing its job in protecting the President. Specifically, I wrote about how their failure to pay attention, use necessary force and avoid temptations are sending the wrong message. I wrote about how the scandal […]


ID verification necessary to vote

Ally Daskalopoulos   Part of the beauty of America is the ability for citizens to vote. The fact that the public has the opportunity for their voice to be heard is remarkable, and may not seem like a big deal today, but it surely was, over a hundred years ago. […]


Flying Lotus album You’re Dead is very much alive

Eric Novak   Death is a common subject in music of all genres. Everyone has to deal with it in some way at some point in their life, so it’s an easily relatable topic in music—a genre of art that depends on connecting to listeners in some way. Often, death […]


The Foreign Foodie – Foreign Foods You Can Make at Home

Tia Patsavas   Some foods are worth traveling for to savor. Be it tacos in Mexico, or fish ‘n’ chips in Great Britain, true connoisseurs are never limited by their environment. But in college, students craving international cuisine are often reduced to ordering takeout food: the less authentic alternative to […]


Out and About: Funbelieavably cool balloons

Out and About: Funbelieavably cool balloons

Jeff Neukom   So you’re hosting a party for younger kids and want to keep them entertained? No? Are you hosting a party full of college kids and you want to keep them entertained? In either event, Funbelievable Balloons has got your need for fun covered. They are a family-friendly […]


LIGHTS new album is the little machine that could

LIGHTS new album is the little machine that could

Nunzia Martino   Canadian electro-pop sensation LIGHTS released her third album, Little Machines, and the singer’s edgy style is evident in what she calls her “best work ever.”  LIGHTS (formerly Valarie Poxleitner) made her debut in 2009 with her first album The Listening. She became known for her childlike voice […]


IWU: Get up to date with Modern Baseball

IWU: Get up to date with Modern Baseball

Zane Nyhus   Pennsylvania indie rock group Modern Baseball visited Bloomington’s Castle Theatre on October 1. I had the privilege of interviewing them before they started their show. Zane: So how did you guys meet? Modern Baseball (MB): Well Brendan and Jake, who are our two singers, met in high […]