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Low enrollment in languages prompts action

Ashton Moss, News Editor In the last few weeks, there has been a large student reaction to rumored cuts in the language department that would eliminate lower enrollment languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.  As of right now, these rumors are false.  “No actions have been taken to eliminate […]


Respect Shirk Center

Kinzie Schweigert Sports Editor Whether you are an athlete, non-athlete, veteran or newbie to the Shirk Athletic Center, you should know about the heinous “Shirk Crimes” being committed every single day at Illinois Wesleyan University’s beloved gym. If you have visited other schools or played them in athletic events, you […]


HIV: stigmas getting tested

HIV: stigmas getting tested

Nick Desideri, columnist   When everyone told me that I would have some transformative experiences during my study abroad, I never thought that I’d have to confront one of my biggest fears. It wasn’t the narcos my parents warned me of or Mexico City crime. It was getting tested for […]


Boston attack touches IWU

Boston attack touches IWU

Tia Sprengel, Editor-In-Chief Since 1897, the Boston Athletic Association has hosted the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day, the world’s oldest marathon. Roughly 23,000 people were registered to run in the marathon this year, and on average, 500,000 people attend.  This year, the marathon ran on Monday, April 15. At 2:50 […]


Bowling: a great way to strike up friendship

Eric Hennessey Sports Columnist Every Wednesday at 8:43 p.m. for the past three years, senior Tyler Sill and I have traveled to Pheasant Lanes bowling alley in Bloomington. In August 2010, we found ourselves searching for a change of pace from the usual college routine. When we learned that Pheasant […]


The Sins of racism

Andy Sonnenberger, columnist   Let’s get one thing straight: the Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert did not disappoint. It was well presented and performed. However, in the spirit of the anti-racism rally earlier this year and the #HereAtIWU Campaign, a comment must be made about the content of one of the […]


IWU Titan softball wins big on and off the field

IWU Titan softball wins big on and off the field

Mackenzie Astling Sports Writer The Illinois Wesleyan University softball team crushed all competition on April 13 and April 14, winning all four games in the annual IWU softball tournament by at least five runs. This year’s IWU softball tournament focused on promoting awareness of Myelodysplastic Syndrome, or MDS, a blood […]


Don’t forget the children

Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd, Columnist We spend so much time and money arguing about the rights of the unborn that we often forget about the rights of the already-born. I did a quick Google search and found that, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, pro-life and pro-choice advocates spent $1,292,741 on […]


Staff Editorial – Getting into classes doesn’t register with students

Ask almost any recent alum about the registration process, and you’re sure to get a horror story.  Many will tell of waiting for computers, unresponsive browsers and walking uphill both ways. Luckily for current students, registration drastically improved when the Office of the Registrar decided to spread registration times throughout […]


The future of Shaw Hall

By: Rebekah Smith With the completion date of State Farm Hall quickly approaching, students and faculty are eager and excited to begin having classes inside this brand new building.   But since most of the classes formerly held in Shaw will be moved into State Farm Hall, many students are […]