Andalucia: A Merging of Tradition and Modernity A May Term travel seminar to southern Spain

Andalucia: A Merging of Tradition and Modernity


Flamenco dancers

Each of these fascinating pieces of music by a Spanish composer has its roots in Andalusia, whether its imagery was inspired by the beautiful landscape or architecture or an impression gathered from the area. Check out these pieces via the links provided and enjoy!

Manuel de Falla “El amor brujo” 1915 [Love, the Magician] (an orchestral suite version may also be found here)

Manuel de Falla “Noches en los jardines de España” 1915 [Nights in the Gardens of Spain] (separate – score view)

Manuel de Falla “El Retablo de Maese Pedro” (1922) [Master Peter’s Puppet Show]

Manuel de Falla “Harpsichord Concerto” (1923-26]

Francisco Tárrega “Capricho Árabe”  1892 [Arab Capriccio]

Francisco Tárrega “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” 1896 [Remembrances from the Alhambra]

Francisco Tárrega “Danza Mora”  [n.d.] [Moorish Dance]

Joaquín Turina “Rincones Sevillanos” 1911 [Corners of Seville]

Joaquín Turina “5 Danzas Gitanas”  2 sets 1932, 1934 [5 Gypsy Dances]

Joaquín Turina “Jardín de Oriente” 1923 [Garden from the Orient]

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