August 19, 2013

Give a Day Campaign



If every member of the IWU community gave 24 hours of service in one academic year, we would contribute over 60,000 hours to our community. What an impact!

That’s only 3 hours per month and despite sports, class, and activities –we can all find a way to give 3 hours. Maybe you can give more?

Report your activities at  Or stop by the Center for Engaged Citizenship on the first floor of CLA.


 Q: My entire team/club/sorority/department/class is doing a project, do we all have to enter a form?

A: One representative can enter the form for the team to “get credit” for the project. However, if you want to keep track of your individual hours, you should complete a form on your own.

Q: Isn’t that double dipping?

A: We are tracking the info separately so it will be OK

Q: Why do we have to keep track of this?

A: Community engagement is an important part of the IWU culture. Knowing more about how we serve will help us to better support you and how you want to serve.

Q: What counts? My internship? The hours I did for a class? Tutoring at my church? Raising money for charity?

A: Anything that helps to make the community a better place. For the Give a Day Campaign, we are counting it ALL. The form allows you to say whether you were doing your hours for credit or not for credit, paid or not paid, and many other scenarios.

Q: What happens when I hit the 24 hour challenge?

A: You get listed on the Titan Honor Roll of Community Engagement, featured on the Facebook page and website, and a VIP invite to the Community Engagement banquet in the spring. And you get a t-shirt!

Q: What do I get if I record the highest number of hours?

A: If you have the most hours of anyone on campus, ARC will match your hours with $ – up to $500 – for a non-profit organization of your choice. We are also awarding prizes for the top RSO, athletic team, Greek organization, and for the top academic department, too.

Q: Where can I find opportunities to be more involved?

A: Visit ARC in the Center for Engaged Citizenship on the first floor of CLA and talk with our staff. We also post opportunities on the Student Resource and Volunteer Center Facebook page. And if you visit our blog at you will see lots of great examples of what we do out in the community. If you have an idea and want help making a connection, we do that, too!

Q: When does this start?

A: Now! Get out there!

If you still have questions, just send us an email at

Thanks for your support of the Give a Day campaign and for all you do in the community,