Caroline Monsen ’18 CPP 2016

Project: McLean County High School Drop Out Rates and Risk Factors by Census Tract for District 87 Grade Schools

Binder #: 159

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Passion: Youth

Organization: United Way of McLean County, State Farm

Executive Summary: Throughout the summer, I had a multitude of projects. At State Farm, I was in the Claims-Data Analytics department. Some projects that I worked on included creating a job aid for Claims Analytics Staffing Application (CASA) for future employees, recommending when to sunset reports so the department can move forward with a new dashboard to replace the reports, and matching job titles between two different programs so that the programs could “talk to each other.” For my non-profit placement, I was at the United Way of McLean County (UW); I was given tasks such as updating the volunteer opportunities for the UW site, creating a survey to reach out to millennials, and researching risk factors based on local census tracts for high school drop out rates.