Tara Isenberg CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 103

Major: Accounting

Passion: Education, Youth

Organization: Milestones Early Learning Center, State Farm

Executive Summary: The CPP internship is a great program that throws you fully into the real world in the best way possible. With this internship, I had no idea what “work environment” was most suited for me. Thanks to this internship I have been exposed to non-profit and corporate environments. I have had genuine conversations about life after college and how to make sure I end up happy in the job I choose to do. During my CPP experience, I worked in the Human Resource Support department of State Farm Bank and at Milestones Early Learning Center. In State Farm Bank, I had two major projects. One project was developing a Job Posting Toolbox to help hiring managers in the Bank write more compelling job postings, since the job market continues to become more competitive. My other project was researching competitors’ social media tactics and presenting a list of ideas I thought State Farm Bank could use in the future. At Milestones, my main projects included updating and breaking down the budget, beautifying the Milestones website, develop a Facebook marketing campaign, and hosting Financial Literacy workshops. Both job duties had me very busy, but I loved how much I was able to contribute to a Fortune 500 company and a local 107-year-old non profit organization all in 11 weeks.