Emily Shankar CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 98
Major: International Studies & Hispanic Studies
Passion: Education and Outreach
Organization: Western Avenue Community Center, State Farm

Project Summary:¬†At State Farm, I worked in the Marketing department with the Strategy team that supports State Farm Bank. My main project was to organize the team’s SharePoint site and use this site t simplify the research process. I organized and modified the SharePoint site to make it easier to find information. I created a document outlining various research and data resources as well as what information these sources contain. My final presentation for the team was a teaching session where I showed them how to navigate and use the site. The PowerPoint I used, along with the other documents I created, are on the SharePoint site as resources for the team. At Western Avenue Community Center, my main project was to create and teach a cultural diversity class for the On My Way (OMW) summer camp. The OMW camp is for students entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grade who may be at risk for falling behind or dropping out. The goal of my class was to encourage the students to embrace cultural diversity and to introduce them to the language requirements they will face in high school. I also took part in the initial stages of a collaborative effort between WACC and the Boys and Girls Club to share the LINC gym. I combined the programming schedules of both organizations and found some of the potential problems, such as double booking the gym.