Myia Thompson ’11

Year of Graduation: 2011

Major: Nursing

Current Address: Chicago, Illinois

How were you engaged with ARC? Not just the seminar/internship/fellowship but describe the type of project.

Helped IWU gather community service hours from each team in the athletic department.

Where are you now?

Working on the critical care unit at Mercy Hospital

Where did ARC take you professionally? Are you doing work that connects back to ARC in some way?

ARC helped me focus while preparing for my state board exam for nursing.

Where did ARC take you personally? Are you engaged in community work that is ARC-like?

I feed the homeless monthly with the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

Did ARC teach you what we were supposed to teach you? Did we teach you anything that was a surprise or outside of the learning objectives?

Yes; to always give back to the community.

Share a great memory about ARC/IWU.

Volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club in Bloomington with Alexia Swope. Her project focused on teaching young girls about exercise and healthy eating.

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