Leo Martinez Fall Seminar’14


Leo Martinez with Mural

Fall ARC Seminar 2014

Binder #85

Major: Business major, Computer Science Minor

Passion: Arts, Youth, Neighborhood Revitalization

Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Project Title: “Why Westside Mural”

Project Summary: This semester I am going to be working on enhancing the WBRP office; more specifically the goal is to refurbish and paint the side of the Tool Library’s exterior wall. Apart from the wall, the door and two windows will be used as a canvas by four different groups of children. On the far left of the building we will try to incorporate something to tie everything together.

As I walk through the West Side I noticed its gloomy appearance. Hopefully by doing this we would be able to take away that gloominess and add a more welcoming feel. It also incorporates two of my biggest interests: art and working with children. This project matters to me because not only is it my way for me to give back to Bloomington, but it helps me give the West Side youth an opportunity to express themselves in a way that I didn’t really get when I was younger. Quite honestly, I’m not sure I will learn something that is really new to me, but I hope I can be proved wrong. I have confidence in my ability to make this happen and I think I am ready to take on the challenge.

Note from Leo: So you want to do a mural? Cool. But the real question is: “Are you willing to put in all the work?” I don’t want to turn you away from making a mural, but I do want you to know that it is a good amount of work. In the end though, the more you challenge yourself the more satisfied you’ll be with the end result, guaranteed…Whatever your mural is going to be, make sure you’re including your interests as well as your strengths; when you step back and look at your end product you are going to notice that your mural reflects who you are as well.