Marqui Fairchild CPP Intern’11

Binder #: 2
Organization: PATH, State Farm
Major: Sociology
Passion: Health & Wellness

State Farm project summary: I interned in State Farm’s Health Department. I conducted thorough research on dementia, specifically its future effect on Long Term Care Insurance policies. This resulted in a dementia fact sheet for State Farm agents to give to affected policy holders to better understand their disease. It also gave the Life/ Heath Department of State Farm a better understanding of the disease and why it is important to their business. I also put together binders of health information for my manager to have at conventions, and completed any other administrative tasks needed to carry out my meetings.

PATH project summary: I spent most of the summer creating/ conducting/ analyzing a phone survey of senior citizens. I also joined case workers on several visits to seniors’ pathhomes. I called 10% of clients in PATH’s Senior Outreach Program, and was able to survey 52% of that population, which was higher than any survey PATH had conducted in the past. Nearly 100% of those surveyed were very pleased with the services they had received from PATH.